The Right Music For the Right Occasion

Marriage is one of the most important customs on the planet. As a social convention, it has existed since mankind has, and will continue to. Such momentous occasions are life-changing events to all involved. The groom, the bride, their families and the community, all play a big role in launching a young couple into a different world. Entire paradigms of reality shift in a marriage and, because of such importance, the surrounding celebratory accoutrement of every wedding should be absolutely pristine. The invitations, the venue, the time of the year, the time of the day, the catering, the bar (whether there is a bar), the reception–these things should be planned months in advance.

Among these items is certainly the DJ. If you’re looking for a Perth wedding DJ who will do the job right, you’ve got to find someone with experience. That experience, ironically, shouldn’t be only with wedding ceremonies. Wedding ceremonies have many things in common and many things different, but the fact is most people at the wedding won’t be as concerned with the goings on at the front of the church as with the subsequent reception. Yet the DJ has to accommodate those getting married, those throwing the marriage, and all the many guests as well. This means a good DJ should have experience in multiple events; from school functions to parties to commencement ceremonies. This will give the DJ a good sense of what people are looking for musically. One can’t get a sense of people unless one spends time with people. A DJ has to know his audience. He has to know that this kind of wedding will need this kind of music, and that kind of wedding will need that kind of music. He’s got to be able to work in a corporate ambiance, and he’s got to be able to work party atmospheres–because both classes of individual will likely be at a wedding. Weddings cross cultural boundaries and bring entire communities of people together. So, a good DJ is paramount in this process.


A DJ should also be affordable. Don’t look for the cheap guy–if you’re trying to save money, you could function as your own DJ at the ceremony. No, you’re not looking for something that is absolutely cheap, but you’re not looking for something that is exorbitantly priced either. You’re looking for services that are competitive with regular market values on DJ offerings. The best DJs will have enough testimonials and regular clientele that they’ll be able to offer certain discounts or flexible rates.

Which brings us to the next exceptionally important part about hiring any DJ: flexibility. For a Perth wedding DJ, flexibility is the key. They’ve got to be able to handle any situation with aplomb and swiftness, quickly solving problems and maintaining the properly festive atmosphere of a wedding. Sometimes, one family doesn’t like this song, while the other family doesn’t like that song; sometimes, the younger ones want to have a few dance numbers they can get into. Flexibility can serve everyone. A rigid set of ironclad parametres cannot.

For a Perth wedding DJ, there is a variety of options; but one of the best gentlemen in the field is DJ Avi. With years’ experience in multiple venues from commencements to parties to corporate functions, Avi doesn’t just provide excellent music for weddings; he’s an all-purpose DJ with exceptional experience in multiple fields. It is his prerogative to convey the magnitude of a momentous matrimony whilst maintaining a festive atmosphere and keeping everybody’s spirits lively. Contact Avi for Perth wedding DJ who knows how to create the right atmosphere.

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