What Makes a Guitarist Great

As a guitar player, you always hear something and get hooked on to one thing that sticks in your head. We all have different heroes for different reasons. When you listen to bands or artists, you fall in love with, for example, Jimi Hendrix but, once you start playing the guitar, explore more music or artists while learning the instrument you start enjoying Randy Rhoads more. Why is it that we tend to change our favorite guitar player as time passes by? Surely it doesn’t mean that Jimi Hendrix is better than Randy Rhoads but just the fact that these two guitarists have distinctly different styles. Both are considered great even in today’s world only because of their signature style, sound and personality.

Every time there is a guitar player who comes along blowing away our contemporaries by doing something innovative and new. Jimi Hendrix blew away the whole music circuit and re-defined popular music forever. His use of effects, wild playing, mind blowing solos and over the top stage acts was never been seen before by anyone. Eddie Van Halen is another icon from the 70s, who came up with guitar techniques that had rarely been seen before. By furiously tapping out some of his solos, he created a new sound in rock music, the style that had never been experienced before but have been copied many times since. Innovation isn’t just inventing something new, but also playing one style of music in a creative form. It can be from something really simple to even crazy like being the first guy to wear a school uniform while playing on stage, you know!

Photo by Rock Cousteau

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