Memoirs Of A Long Standing Rock Music Connoisseur

There is a certain feeling that I feel when I hear Indie rock music. There is something about that nice thick voice of the electric guitar, pounding drums that create natural high. Over the years I have observed that there are songs that are created in other styles that made me think “I like this song” but largely it’s the rock music that works for me. My fascination with rock music and bands started with Coldplay and Foals tour.

However, I was impressionable and young when I first watched the rock music videos with my parents, I don’t really remember the song, or anything about it.. But I do remember the whole scene, what it looked like, the guitars, the lights, the man singing into the microphone helped me to make a deliberate choice deciding to choose rock indie music over any other genre. I still remember how much I was attracted to the music biz that the only information I googled on internet in those times was about the music news and rock music videos.

In my teen years, I had some kind of affinity for few bands like Coldplay, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and what were really common among all these bands are the guitar riffs. I saved money for attending all the rock band shows and tours especially of Foo fighter from UK or the Johnny Marr tour. That dirty, distorted noise of guitar which for others was too crunchy to hear made me fall in love with the guitar instrument. In fact, one of the very first songs that I learnt to play on guitar was “the scientist by Coldplay. I love the riff then and till date I try new ones out on my guitar; I still enjoy the harmony guitars that frequent my favorite song from The Libertines. Although the real pioneers in the history of rock music were U2 and LED ZEPPLIN and today’s rock bands don’t have that same vibe that I use to like, but it is still fairly true that the rock music today is totally different from the mainstream.

Bands like Bonjovi or Aerosmith write music that has power and emotion. It’s not that the electronic guitar is not good, but to me it’s very different. Whenever someone says hard rock music, my mind instantly glides through thoughts of heavy guitar riffs. Even though the youth is completely crazy about this form of music but the essence of rock music is getting lost somewhere. Rock music is all about prominent vocal melody with heavy and hard instruments. It is so powerful that the words of the song simply enthralls and thrills the listeners. Nobody thought that the rock music could mellow so much into our blood, and because of my love for creating and appreciating the rock music and indie rockmusic I will keep on promoting this genre. No matter how old I get, the news and updates on rock music is the same as a launch of new video game for a child.

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