The Romantics, Nostalgia is a Dangerous Thing, But Still I Love Those 80’s Guitar Rock Bands

Nostalgia is a dangerous thing especially when the quality of the current day seems to be not quite as good as “back in the day.” How many times have people said to themselves, what happened to those great bands in the 80s? First of all they were not all great.  There were plenty of bands that were definitely not very good. However who can forget The Romantics, Tommy Tutone, or Rick Springfield?


The Romantics, I remember seeing them as a young teen at The Whiskey a Go Go and then at Perkins Palace in Pasadena. What a great band filled with rock’n’roll energy. The sounds that those blazing guitars made was just pure emotion. And the image was amazing; at the Whiskey when the four men came running down the stairs to the stage and their drummer sat behind those pink (yes pink) drums the excitement they created was huge.


But like so many bands The Romantics got caught up in a ridiculous legal problem; their manager was stealing money from them, it wasn’t quite as bad as Doris Day’s situation withMartin Meltcher and Jerome Rosenthal, but lets just say that all that money you thought they were making every time you heard “What I Like About You” as a soundtrack to a commercial, well The Romantics were not actually making that money. Oh well, that is show business.

Tommy Tutone had one of the best rock hits of that 80s – 867-5309 or as it is sometimes known “Jenny.” What a great sound that was.  Tommy Heath has been a computer analyst for several years, although the band has several feelers from various record companies to turn out some more fun loving music nothing has materialized yet. Tommy Tutone must hold some kind of record with the amount of current and former members standing at approximately seventeen.

I think the reason that these bands are still on the radio and that they are still around is that the pure really forceful and dynamic music that they played is non-existent today.

I miss those kind of sounds. It seems that the bands nowadays, not all of them of course, but most of them, lack that emotional primal character that makes the music timeless and forceful. So what do you do? We need to see some new bands playing this kind of rock that completely get away from the over promoted, over produced, and over commercialized kind of music that is dominating today’s pop scene.

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