Does Music Help Students Study Better?

Composers create songs that would express what they want to say during certain revolutions; composers write songs about their country and how it should be. There are a lot of things that you can do with music which you can learn in different ways such as through guitar lessons in Columbia, MD. There are a lot of uses for music, so in this article we will be talking about how music affects students in their studying behavior.


A lot of researches have shown that reading and studying while listening to classical music or listening to classical music before studying or doing a specific task can be quite beneficial to everyone. It improves attention, memory, and even the ability of a person to do mental mathematics, as well as helping lessen depression and anxiety. Majority of researchers and students who know that music helps the brain function well call it the “Mozart Effect.” Nowadays, it is quite uncommon for students to listen to classical music like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven because of the several other music genres that are popular today. With this information at hand, it makes the effect different from what researchers initially thought of. The researches of different universities show that people who listen to classical music during and before studying is really beneficial and may actually be better off listening to music always than not at all.


However, there are studies that show that listening to music can also have a negative effect on your study effectiveness especially when it comes to memorizing something in order. Dr. Nick Perham’s 2010 study entitled, “Can preference for background music mediate the irrelevant sound effect?” explored how some music can interfere with short-term memory potential. He found out that listening to liked or disliked music was exactly the same, and both were worse than the quiet controlled condition. According to Dr. Perham, listening to music may diminish your cognitive abilities in these situations because when you’re trying to memorize things in order, you can get thrown off and get confused by the various words and notes in the song playing in the background.

A university professor named Clifford Nass had similar thoughts on the matter. He said that “Music with lyrics is very likely to have a problematic effect when you’re reading or writing. Probably less of an effect on mathematics, if you are not using the language part of your brain.”


In our status quo, it is easy to bring music everywhere. There are limitless inventions like the IPOD, MP3 Players, and the like; these things make music accessible anywhere. Even the phones that we have nowadays are able to store thousands and thousands of songs. Music has become inherently portable. We listing to music while we walk, run, cook, drive, or when doing almost everything. We listen to music while we are happy, to feel relaxed and such. Music has now become a fundamental part of our lives that is why students are so eager to know if it will negatively affect or if it has a positive impact on their studying. Some people even go a step farther by taking up piano orguitar lessons in Columbia, MD.


Since music can have an impact on a person’s mood which helps in accomplishing daily tasks or other activities such as studying, choosing the best music or sound that helps you relax but without enough stimulation to cause any distraction while studying is very important. Also, keep in mind that a very loud music can be distracting. Thus, it is advisable not to wear any kind of headset or earphones while studying. It should only be used as a background to avoid getting distracted from it.


If you are really set on listening to music while studying but know that your focus will probably end up divided, choose classical music or more acoustic music with minimal words to void distraction. There are a lot of artists out there who only do instrumental music like movie scores and soundtracks, typically consisting of a bunch of orchestral pieces, which may also be good background music for your study period. And if you are currently taking up piano lessons in Columbia MD, then you can later come up with your own compositions that will help you in such activities like studying.

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